We offer the best Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Communications Systems, Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance.

Security, San Deigo - Any security system that you may need. You can find any of your SEcurity needs here at Standard Electronics. Also we provide Fire Alarm Systems as well as any other Systems you need. Fire Alarm systems may be easy to find but we provide great quality Fire Alarms and SECURTIY systems. The best company in San Deigo, we also love out customers as well. Lets us show you all of the the great SECURITY SYSTEMS that we provide. SECURITY Systems- Any security system that you may need including FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS Great quality Alarm Systems are what we provide but also any Secuirty Systems that you may need. Not only do we have great FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS but we have a lot of other product for your SECURITY needs. View our products section on our website. There you may be able to see Fire Alarm Systems, SECUIRTY Camera Systems,communication Systems and other items that you may want for the best SECURITY.

About Standard Electronics

Standard Electronics is a privately owned independent distributor, installer and service maintenance company of fire, security, electronics and communication equipment.

Standard Electronics has expanded its product lines and services to include fire alarm systems, security systems, mass notification systems, access control systems, data networking systems & communication paging systems.

We Love Our Clients

Standard Electronics has the passion & talent to craft effective solutions; the foresight to capitalize on the newest technologies as well as lots and lots of passion. They care as much about our success as we do!

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Standard Electronics is your best source for Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Communication Systems, Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance.